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50 Tractor/ Trailers

Aluminum Trailers. Reitnouer (Description) All pictures 1280x960


Flatbeds 48' x 102” (Picture unit 7-221-etc)

Flatbeds 45' x 102” (Picture unit 14)

Flatbeds 42' x 102” (Picture of Unit 150)

Flatbed with Sidekits 48' x 102” (Picture of Unit 305 and 79)

Sidekits 45' x 102”

Conestoga Trailer 48’x102” (Picture of Unit 5011)

Multi-axle conestoga 48x102 

 Hold up to 50,000 lbs

2 Straight trucks (Picture of Unit 4 and 11)

       Hold up to 25,000 lbs

1 Straight Truck . Up to 15K

1 Road Service truck ( Ramirez)

Fully equipped for all mechanical emergencies


1 Truck Wash


Aluminum Flatbeds

We have semi and straight trucks  running local around Chicago, IL , 

unit 221.png
Regional Area.png

Flatbeds with a Side Kit

Regional trucks would run across IL, IN, MI, OH, KY, MO, IA, MI, WI

Multixle Trailer.jpg

Multi-axle Trailer

Our first multi-axle flatbed conestoga. Designed to haul up to 90,000 lbs  in cargo where allowed

1280x960 Straight Truck.jpg
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